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I decided to replace my furnace's filter before the coldest night of the year and when I tried to turn it back on the darn thing wouldn't fire back up. The filter went in the inside of the furnace which had an automatic ignition switch. I called ASAP and described the situation. Boris told me that before he came out I should try something first. You see, there is a little switch that the door has to push against to allow the unit to work. I climbed back up adjusted the door and it worked. Boris could have come out and charged me a service call. But he didn't. He is obviously an honest man and saved me money. He now has a customer for life.

Jan 7, 2015 on Clark Savage

Same Day I Called and Fixed My A/C

I'd like to say how much I liked their services. Boris came promptly at the same day I called and fixed my A/C. He did a great job by finding the problem and repairing it. He explained to me in detail what happened with my A/C and what they need to do in order to repair it. He seemed to me a very honest and forthcoming person. I definitely encourage anyone to call him and request a visit in a heart bit ! Great company and great value for sure!!!!

June 14, 2014 on Juliana G

Prompt to Answer and Arrived on Time the Sunday

Boris was prompt to answer and arrived on time the Sunday of a holiday weekend. The service was more than fairly priced, he let us know the costs going in and stuck to that estimate. Our AC was running cold air by the time he left. Do not hesitate to call ASAP if you are in need of a great repair service!

May 25, 2015 on Amy Sewell

His Work is Excellent

My AC had broken and one of his previous costumers spoke very highly of them. they came the same day and fixed my AC. great service, very polite and professional. I would recommend them to anyone

May 25, 2015 on Gabriel Borrego

Always Prompt and Does a Great Job

Great experience. Boris showed up in a few hours just as he had committed. He was thorough in his explanation of what he would do to diagnose the problems. He was able to pinpoint 3 separate problems in a very short period of time and fixed two immediately. After determining he needed a circuit board that he did not have with him, he left for a brief time to get a new circuit board, returned and installed it. Before he left he checked both furnaces and air conditioners and furnaces to be sure they were operating properly. One of the most important things he did was to show me the bad circuit board. A lot of repair people will never show you the part they replaced but he did it without being asked. He is professional, very courteous, prompt, answers phone calls and text messages immediately and, best of all, his work is excellent. I strongly recommend him.

December 24, 2014 on Ed Fuller